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At the age of 19, Sian was working as a chef in one of Bristol's up-and-coming restaurants, when she was diagnosed with a rare type ofbrain tumour. called Cushing's disease. Although benign, the tumour was situated on her pituitary gland, inducing symptoms such as high blood pressure, stretch marks all over her body, weight gain around her abdomen and face, migraines and depression.


The tumour caused Sian to gain two stone in weight. Unhappy with her appearance, she decided to join a gym with a friend. From there she sought advice and guidance from one the personal trainers, who with his support increased Sian's confidence and managed her blood pressure and weight. The same year Sian had the tumour removed and although it was successful, she was left with deep depression.


With the support of her trainer, family and friends, she lost the weight and over the course of 12 months, regained her confidence and self-esteem.


Spurred on by her own struggle with her health, including a constant battle with back pain due to a scoliosis and inspired by her own trainer, she decided to retrain as a personal trainer.


Sian has a passion for helping people regain their confidence and feel better about themselves regardless of barriers or limitations. She is constantly looking to expand her knowledge and keep up-to-date with research in the health and fitness sector. Recent training includes a Pelvic Girdle Pain workshop day and diastasis recti course.


As well as working as a personal trainer and Pilates teacher, Sian is mum to a young baby and is currently working towards her Bachelor of Science through the Open University.

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