Why Pilates?


Pilates works to strengthen the deep core muscles that consist of the pelvic floor, diaphram, trasversus abdominals, quadratus lumborum (QL) and multifidus to help improve posture, through precise and controlled movements.

Pilates challenges both the muscles and the mind giving both a good workout, helping to achieve longer, more defined and toned muscles.


Pilates is suitable for both men and women and can aid in injury rehabilitation and post pregnancy.


All classes can be tailored to allow for specific needs and abilities in a friendly and informal environment. 

Benefits of Pilates

By using both the body and the mind we create a balance in our bodies that will help us to be more efficient in everyday movements. Some of the benefits of regular Pilates practice includes:

  •     improved flexibility
  •     better muscle tone and strength
  •     strong abdominals and pelvic floor
  •     lower stress levels and improved sleeping patterns
  •     improved posture
  •     greater joint mobility
  •     less chance of back pain
  •     increased joint mobility
  •     improved balance and co-ordination



£47 one to one


£48 x6 classes



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